Hello! Welcome to the official website of the Bayside Neighborhood Association! Bayside neighborhood is one of nineteen neighborhoods in Everett, Washington. Established in 1892, Bayside is unique in that it encompasses much of the downtown core of Everett, offering residents a mix of boutiques, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. It offers easy access to city and county offices and to quiet neighborhood living. With a mix of apartments, condos and single family houses, interspersed with the downtown buildings, the architectural diversity of Bayside adds spice to Everett’s cityscape. Bayside has a mix of fine historic homes and mill worker cottages. Family-owned businesses thrive alongside large, downtown firms.

Bayside is home to Everett's first park, Clark Park, the restored Everett High School, the renovated Carnegie Library (main branch of Everett Public Library) and The Hartley Mansion. Bayside has wide, tree-lined streets and interesting little alleys. And it's graced with a diverse population, which enriches the neighborhood with a wide variety of cultures, people, and history.

Please join us for our quarterly neighborhood meetings.

We will meet quarterly, with meetings going to in person only.

Tuesday, February 20 - completed

Saturday, May 18 - completed

Saturday, August 17 - Bayside Block Party at Bibleway Victory Community Church (2228 Wetmore Ave, Everett). Details to come.This will also be our National Night Out event.

Tuesday, October 15 - Bibleway Victory Community Church (2228 Wetmore Ave, Everett), 6:30pm - 7:30pm

The purpose of the Bayside Neighborhood Association is to represent the interests ofand improve the general welfare of all Bayside residents by providing a democratic forum for exchanging ideas, settings neighborhood goals, and organizing neighborhood actions.

Because Bayside contains much of Everett's downtown core, our neighborhood offers residents a mix of boutiques, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops to enjoy.

The Bayside Neighborhood Association hosts a series of events throughout the year for the enjoyment of Everett Residents. Most events are held a historic Clark Park, Everett's oldest city park.

The P-Patch is a community garden located in Bayside. It affords residents with green thumbs who don't have gardening space a great place to grow flowers and vegetables.

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