The architectural diversity of Bayside adds some spice to Everett’s cityscape. Bayside has fine historic homes and mill worker cottages. Family-owned businesses thrive alongside large, downtown firms. Bayside is home to the City’s first park, Clark Park, the restored Everett High School, the renovated Carnegie Library and The Hartley Mansion. Bayside has wide, tree-lined streets and interesting little alleys. Bayside is graced with a diverse population, which enriches the neighborhood with a wide variety of cultures, people, and history.

Who We Are

The purpose of the Bayside Neighborhood Association is to represent the interests and improve the general welfare of all Bayside residents by providing a democratic forum for exchanging ideas, settings neighborhood goals, and organizing neighborhood actions.


A P-Patch is a parcel of property used for gardening; the term is specific to Western Washington.


We invite local civic-minded speakers, local government officials and `, city council, police, non-profits, to share information with Bayside residents in effort to engage and educate our community.


The Bayside Neighborhood boundaries consist of 19th Street south to Hewitt Avenue and from Broadway west to Port Gardner Bay.


Bayside Neighborhood Association